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Only you can decide to change

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We have choices to make in our lives that effect not just us but our families and friends. Sometimes we make the right decisions because they are easy, sometimes we make the wrong decisions because they are the easy way. I believe that people change for 2 reasons only. Desperation and Inspiration!! I had no choice but to change from Desperation when the Doctors told me they were going to take my legs in about 6 months in 2011.. I was 450 pounds and that was a total wake up call! I couldn’t be MACHO about that… I am getting healthier everyday now. I’m truly Blessed that Someone cared enough about me to say something even when I didn’t want to hear it. Because they were the first one I called when the Doctor dropped the bombshell that he was going to take my legs. And now I’m helping others by paying it forward! People have to want to change, and I’m here to help when they decide to. I do not take excuses nor do I give them! I want everyone to feel this good..



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