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Healthy Protein Popsicles

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Coach Junior makes Healthy Protein Popsicles

 So if you're like me, you love popsicles and making food fun! I'm a big kid and love popsicles. But due to sugar content and health concerns when we are dealing with  caloric popsicles and other things that we can get from the grocery store, there's really not a lot of healthy choices. Although a [...]

Self Sabotage

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Holy Crap! I did it!

I thought it was time to talk about what most of us have a big problem with, (Self Sabotage)!! Most of us go through life with huge blinders on when it comes to bettering ourselves, Myself included. And I'm truly blessed that I have met some people who have steered me towards the right and [...]

It’s Scary!!

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Actions prove who someone is.

As most of you know, I was 450 pounds when my Journey started. I have had my ups and downs, but I always try to stay optimistic about it all no matter what. As a big person I have had to deal with a lot of really bad things as far as detoxing and mood [...]

Fast Food-TRUTH

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Fast Food-TRUTH Thumbnail

We all love fast food! I remember when McDonalds first came out and that was the thing everyone wanted to do, Go to the Golden Arches. The sign said (Hundreds of Burgers SOLD)! Things have really changed. Back then, we didn't really know what obesity was. Like I said, Things have really changed! I was [...]

Only you can decide to change

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We have choices to make in our lives that effect not just us but our families and friends. Sometimes we make the right decisions because they are easy, sometimes we make the wrong decisions because they are the easy way. I believe that people change for 2 reasons only. Desperation and Inspiration!! I had no [...]

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