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Understanding the reasons…

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So I’ve had trouble with my weight for most of my life as many of us have. I’m writing this in hopes that it will help someone out there. I have been a complete loner my whole life. I have been perfectly happy not talking to a single soul. That’s why I made a good Truck Driver. [...]


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I started to track myself again and lo and behold I started losing weight again!! Being accountable feels good again.. I swear, It makes me want to give myself a (PROBBIE SLAP).. LOL

Something I’ve learned…

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Your Journey is yours alone, It’s not about anyone else. Your have to make the choices to change the way you think and no one else can do that for you! People can support you in your choice if they think it’s a worthwhile cause,but you have to walk the path and either you decide [...]

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