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The TRUTH Series

The TRUTH Series

Like most of us, I love movie popcorn. I mean, What’s a movie without the popcorn right?! Well dear reader, now I know to stay away from that bowl of popped goodness. You would think that it wouldn’t have a lot of calories. But alas, you would be incorrect! If you are looking to stay even a little healthy, This stuff isn’t for you. I don’t just get a small bag when I go to the movies. I used to figure , I’m here so I can splurge! Now I understand why my waist line was expanding so rapidly. Those little kernels alone aren’t so bad but they’re BORING! But once you give into taste your waist line will and does expand. It’s like anything else I guess, MODERATION! The surprising thing is that now that I’ve learned to eat clean, so many things have changed. Including my desire to eat crap. So if you thing that you can have popcorn because it’s just fluffy air that tastes great, Think again dear reader and listen to Susan! Oh, and if you’re a Trucker and you get those bags of popcorn at Wal-Mart thinking that it’s a good healthy snack, You also think again. It’s not good for you at all. Being healthy on the road is hard enough, Don’t make it harder! As always, if you want to track what you’re really doing and what’s healthy or not. Here’s the link: it’s FREE so NO EXCUSES!

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