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The Truth Series #7 (Newk’s Eatery)

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The TRUTH Series

Hey everybody, today we are looking at Newk’s Eatery. We’re going to look at their (Buffalo Chicken Sandwich) This sandwich comes with:

Cheddar Cheese, Gorgonzola Cheese, Franks Hot Sauce, Bread and Chicken. 

Calories 646.5
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 17.3g 27%
Sodium 1411.5mg 59%
Total Carbohydrates 76g 25%
Dietary Fiber 4.1g 17%
Sugars 1.5g  
Protein 47.1g  

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Newk’s locations are in KY, TN, AL, GA, NC, SC, MS, AR, MD, FL, MO, LA, and TX. From the research that I’ve done, I do not see anything wrong with Newk’s Eatery. As always, This is just the information on the Sandwich alone and doesn’t include sides or a drink. Also remember that I’m just giving you the nutritional facts and not opinion. This is after all called (THE TRUTH SERIES) after all! Eat well my friends..

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