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(WHEY PROTEIN) Know the facts

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My Friend DJ Humphries

Ok peeps, everyone thinks they know about protein. But, do we really? If you are concerned about your health and nutrition, then you really need to research what is good and bad. Also, research what is being pushed on you by companies with a lot of money to put ads out there that say they are the bomb diggity. Remember that knowledge is power and if you are just following the crowd then they call you SHEEP! On the other hand, if you really want to get healthier and you know that what you are putting in your body is going to get you to where you want to be, then you must take the time to research everything. You have to go beyond the first few websites that pop up in your Google search because most companies have multiple web addresses that tell you exactly what they want you to know. They have spent a ton of greenbacks on research and know that most people just look at the first thing that is found on Google, and that’s where people get their facts. So, these companies spend the money to put their ads at the top of the page so that’s what you see. If you didn’t know that, then welcome to reality! If you did then I’m sorry for going through all of that to make this point. Now a days you have to really look into things that you put in your body. Otherwise, you will not really be healthy. Here is some research that was done about whey protein. I hope that it helps. This is a picture of my friend DJ. You can bet he knows what goes into his body. So do I. Contact me if you’re looking to change your health and wealth.

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