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You never know where you’ll meet someone that’ll change your life.

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You never know where you’ll meet someone that’ll change your life. Image

I traveled up to the Petro Truck Stop. to do some research on the price of eating on the road. What I actually found changed my life.

So we got to the Petro and went into the Iron Skillet Restaurant and sat at a booth. Our Waitress was right on the spot and she had a great attitude. She brought us unsweetened tea and we looked at the menu. I realized that there were not many healthy choices. They even had Spaghetti on the healthy choice list. Go figure! Anyway, Our waitress came back to the table to take our order and I asked about getting something with a lot less garbage in it? She said let me see what I can do and off she went. When she came back a short time later she said that they had a new system installed and that there was nothing that we could order OFF MENU, we were in a pickle. Then she looked at us and said that she’d figure it out and that if we wanted just eggs, cheese, and onions that she’d figure out a way to do that for us so we could eat healthily.

A little while later she brought her Manager out to talk to us because she thought she was in trouble for helping us eat healthily. He came out to talk to us. He explained that they had a new system and it didn’t allow for us to order anything but what was on the menu. I explained that we were trying to eat healthily and show drivers how they can eat healthy on the road since it’s so hard for them to get nutritious food on the road at the Truck Stops. As we talked he kind of got this strange look on his face. Puzzled I asked what was wrong? He said as his eyes started to gleam with tears, You just reminded me of why I got into this business. to help people! Then he asks if he could tell us a story from his past? I said well yes.

He said that he and his wife had owned their own restaurant for over 30 years and they had a family in the town that they lived in that had fallen on hard times. There were a mother and her two young daughters. The father had died the week before and then a few days later their house burned down and it was a week before Christmas and they lost everything. He told me that he and his wife felt like they needed to do something so they took $1300.00 from their savings and they went to the school and explained what had happened to the family and the school collect another $600.00 and he gave the $600.00 to the mother and with the $1300.00 he took the girls to go buy new clothes since everything had been burned up. 

So he and his wife took the girls shopping for clothes and as they came out of the store, These big snowflakes were falling from the sky and the smallest of the two girls saw a man ringing a bell and she walked over and reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a one dollar bill that she’d had been saving for a week for candy and she put the dollar in the bucket next to the man ringing the bell. The man was stunned and asked the little girl why she had done that? He said that she could have used that dollar for anything and she had just lost everything. He said that the little girl looked up at him and said that when you see someone in need you help them. That’s what her daddy taught her. He said that he had just been schooled by the sweetest little girl that you have to take care and love everyone. I almost fell out of the booth we were sitting in. 

The thing that I got out of this whole experience besides the research that I had come for was that you never know whose life you’re going to touch or who’s going to  touch yours. Everything happens for a reason and my life will never be the same again. I’m truly blessed that I got to meet such wonderful people and they touched my life in ways I could never have imagined. 

Well, that’s it. I hope this story touched you like it did me. I truly hope you got something out of it. Remember the little girl the next time you feel like everything is going wrong. If she can look after others, maybe you can too.


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